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Why choose us?

Our philosophy is focused on basic human relations, striving for excellence in quality of care, attempting to see your expectations through your eyes and not just our own, and overcoming any communication barriers.

By joining us you would be joining a dental practice that serves every facet of your own and your family’s dental needs. We make this claim with the knowledge that you can benefit from our expert practitioners who will assist you throughout your entire experience.

It is important to understand that dentistry, like all health sciences, is becoming more specialised as time goes on, and one clinician cannot be expected to know and do everything without getting assistance from a specialist. You will benefit from our internal referral system, and nearly seamless peer treatment planning process to give you peace of mind, having our qualified dentists and specialists attending to your individual needs. Our experienced patient coordinators and dedicated management team will maintain dialogue between our various clinicians and yourself and coordinate your care.

Technological advances in dentistry are essential to excellent modern dental care. Our commitment to using the most advanced dental treatment methods has enabled us to maintain the best technological tools. This quality attracts the best clinicians to our practice. You and your family can benefit from our team of experienced clinicians using state-of-the-art technology.

At Magical Smiles, we believe in dental perfection through effective communication. We work closely with our patients to develop an understanding of the desired results, and individual dental needs and concerns. We create a foundation of trust with our patients by providing a positive and relaxed experience. Our practice is not only comfortable but we also strive to maintain exceptional, personalised care.

Effective patient communication involves ensuring you are knowledgeable about dental hygiene. At Magical Smiles, we believe that education and preventative care are the keys to optimal dental health. We will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of each treatment during your initial consultation.

We closely monitor our infection control processes such as maintaining sterilisation and cross contamination processes to ensure patient safety. Magical Smiles uses standards recommended by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), the Australian Dental Association (ADA), and the Australian and NZ Standards 4815.

Our team is comprised of experienced and skilled professionals, specialising in a number of fields who take a comprehensive methodology to our services for the benefit of our patients. Every dentist as Magical Smiles is certified by the Dental Board of Victoria and a member of the Australian Dental Association.

A person’s budget should not stop them from getting quality dental care, so we provide restorative and cosmetic dentistry and comprehensive treatment planning to achieve your dental goals. All our dentists are licensed with a wealth of knowledge and experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. We work closely with our patients to satisfy all of their dental needs and wishes. Visit our beautiful and calm dental practice and allow us to return your confidence by rejuvenating and restoring your smile.

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