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Teeth Metal Braces

Having crooked teeth need not be like a life sentence. Thanks to orthodontics, this is a condition that can easily be corrected over time. And now, there are a variety of options for anyone who’s looking to get braces – there are fixed and removable braces, including invisible braces too!

With braces, you can get the straight, confident smile you’ve always wanted.

Why go with metal braces?

Traditional metal braces have been around for a long time, and are the most effective way to treat extremely overcrowded teeth, despite all the different types of braces available today. This is because they allow the orthodontist to have precise control over the movement of your teeth, to their desired position. What’s more, they are also friendlier for your pocket, in comparison to other types of braces. And unlike removable options, with metal braces, you will never need to worry about losing your aligners!

Metal braces are great at fixing and correcting problems arising out of misaligned, crooked, spaced out or overcrowded teeth by gently manipulating the position of the teeth over time. This is not just a cosmetic procedure that impacts your appearance, but can also prevent further problems like:

- Malocclusion
- Jaw disorders
- Gum disease
- Speech problems

The only downside to metal braces is the appearance during treatment period. But those days of loud, “metal mouths” have passed. Unlike traditional brackets, modern brackets are much smaller in size, so they don’t look as conspicuous as the earlier brackets. These days, you can choose the brackets and elastics in a range of color options, which suit your personality better.

How do metal braces work?

Orthodontic metal braces usually comprise two parts – the arch wire and the metal brackets.

The arch wire is the wire that connects each of the brackets placed on the teeth, and applies consistent pressure over the teeth. That, along with the brackets are what actually help push the teeth in place, through minor adjustments from time to time.

For some patients, there is an additional third part – the ligature elastic, also known as rubber bands – which keep the arch wires over the brackets.

Also, there are ‘heat activated’ arch wires available today, which make use of body heat to help teeth move in a quicker yet gentle manner.

The Magical Smiles Advantage

Now that we know that metal braces are not just something that helps improve aesthetic appearance, but can also keep other dental health issues at bay, here’s why you should consider getting your orthodontic treatment at Magical Smiles.

Exceptional patient experience

Our staff is committed to making dental care as pleasant and friendly as possible, so that more people get proactive about their dental health. You can rest assured that your needs and well-being will remain our top priority, and everything else flows from there, giving you an personalized experience that’s refreshing and exceptional.

Experienced team

When it comes to any dental treatment, we’ve got the best team of expert surgeons, nurses and prosthetists that you can find in Melbourne. And when your dental care is backed with a team so strong, you have every reason to be confident about your treatment!

Flexible Interest free payment plans

We want to make dental care as stress free as possible. And this is why we also offer flexible payment plans, so that you can breathe easy on that front. Consult with our team to know more.


There are also other orthodontic options for braces, which include ceramic braces, lingual braces, Invisalign and Myobrace. Our team will help you choose the option right for you. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure to enhance your smile, and make it beautiful and straight – the way it was always meant to be.

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