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They always say, prevention is better than cure, and there’s no better example of this than early dental treatment. Early orthodontic treatment can help prevent a whole lot of unnecessary pain.

There can be a lot of reasons for development of crooked teeth and improper development of jaws. And while a lot of times it can be attributed to heredity, recent research has shown that there are also many preventable habits and lifestyle factors that can contribute to this condition, such as:

- Breathing from the mouth
This impacts the position of the tongue, in a way that doesn’t allow the upper jaw to develop properly

- Incorrect way of swallowing
This will determine the alignment of the teeth. Improper swallowing can result in crowded or poorly aligned teeth.

- The position of the tongue and lower jaw while breathing
The ideal position of the tongue while breathing (from the nose) should be the front part of the roof of the mouth. This allows for proper pressure to the jaw muscles to develop the way they should.

Misaligned teeth / under-developed jaw are not just a cosmetic concern, but can lead to further orthodontic and even other problems like:

- Extreme overcrowding / crooked teeth over the long term
- Asthma and other allergies
- Ear infections
- Bed wetting

And hence it becomes important to go to the root cause of these issues, and correct it from there. These habits should be addressed and corrected as soon as they come to the fore – ideally before 10 years of age, if possible – as that is the best time to create space and influence proper jaw development.

Early correction will also help proper development of the face and alignment of the teeth. Moreover, it will also help prevent complicated orthodontic treatment like braces and extractions, and ensure that any future orthodontic treatment, if at all needed, is more effective, and gives long term results.

And the best part about early diagnosis is early treatment. Presenting Myobrace – a wonderful way to get straight teeth, without any braces!

What is Myobrace?

Myobrace is a natural approach to straighten teeth and promote proper jaw development – all without the use of braces! It doesn’t just correct the orthodontic issue at hand, but also helps to address and change the poor habits that cause these issues, so it’s a lot more holistic as compared to the other methods of treatment available.

Myobrace works just like how braces do – by applying pressure and guiding teeth into their ideal position, and also to help development of a beautiful dental arch – which will help long term orthodontic stability.

This approach works best when the permanent teeth haven’t come in yet, say before the ages of 6 – 12 years. Older children could also sometimes benefit from this approach, though it could take much longer for them to see desired results. So if you have a child who requires any dental help in this regard, read on.

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How can Myobrace help?

If started at the right time, Myobrace can help in work towards:

- Reducing severity of malocclusion
- Avoid the need for extractions in future
- Improve facial development
- Ensure effectiveness of future orthodontic treatment

In some cases, Myobraces can even treat malocclusion.

How does this work?

A detailed 3D imaging is the first step towards proper diagnosis and planning for the treatment. The airway size is visible, and will help decide if an enlargement is needed. This allows for accurate measurement of un-erupted teeth like canines and wisdom teeth and the space that they would require, so that the treatment can be planned accordingly.

Myobrace treatment involves the usage of a series of appliances that not only work to align teeth in their ideal position, but also but also help correct poor dental habits that obstruct the ideal development of the facial and jaw muscles. Myobrace helps to retrain the child to breathe and swallow correctly – so that the results of the treatment are long term.

The best part is – there are no fixed braces to be worn 24x7! Instead, the appliances need to be worn only for a couple of hours each day, and overnight, if so recommended for your child. He could wear the appliances at your convenience at home, so no one comes to know that he has a treatment going on.


Some myofunctional exercises may be recommended to expedite the pace of change. In a few cases, it might be necessary for a permanent retainer to be worn post treatment, to avoid a relapse.

How long does the treatment take?

While the overall treatment duration is comparable to the treatment time with braces, the Myobrace advantage is that the appliances need to be worn for just a couple of hours during the day, and overnight, so it is a lot more comfortable and less conspicuous as compared to traditional braces.

The treatment times may vary depending on person to person, and are also influenced by the child’s commitment to the treatment, and how he follows through on all of the recommendations.

How painful will this be?

While there could be some sensitivity during the first few days, this will subside and after which, the treatment would be extremely comfortable and your child will feel no pain.

Myobrace treatment is a great way to insure good long-term orthodontic health. And as you can see, it offers a host of advantages over conventional braces. Early intervention can also help prevent extraction of permanent teeth at a later stage. And not to mention, a much better looking face, and no embarrassment of being seen in braces. But it’s important to keep in mind that age is a strong influencing factor – more so when we are also looking at changing habits.

So why not act fast and book an appointment for your children, and gift them a beautiful smile for life?

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