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Laser Root Canals

An abscessed tooth can be painful. At other times, it may not exhibit any symptoms at all. Since symptoms of dental nerve damage varies from one person to the next, it’s important to schedule regular checkups and pinpoint endodontic damage as early as possible.

To avoid an unnecessary extraction, we recommend treating the tooth endodontically with a traditional root canal or laser root canal. Root canal therapy involves removing the damaged nerve and sealing off the hollow chamber left behind. After the treatment, a crown is placed over your tooth to prevent wear to the weaker structure that’s left.

Who Needs a Root Canal?

Woman admiring smile in mirrorIt’s important to understand the structure of a tooth. There is an outer layer referred to as enamel. Though extremely hard, enamel can be damaged by decay. The next layer under the enamel is called dentin. Once decay attacks the enamel, it moves onto the dentin, which leads to the third layer: the dental pulp. Within the pulp are the nerve tissue and blood vessels. When the infection reaches the pulp, you’ll start to feel pain.

During a root canal procedure, the nerve and the pulp of the tooth are removed. In doing so, we can save the tooth from having to be extracted. You’ll be able to preserve your tooth and not have to be concerned about replacing a gap in your smile.

Traditional vs. Laser Root Canal Therapy

Conventional endodontic treatment is performed with manual files and physically cleaning the inside of your tooth with a small tool. This method tends to be more tedious and time consuming.

Today, cutting-edge laser technology makes root canal treatment faster and more effective. Unlike traditional methods, a laser procedure reaches all of the secondary and smaller nerve canals inside of your tooth. This added benefit improves the success of your procedure and reduces the risk of failure. Powerful light technology irradiates each of the canals to destroy infectious bacteria where manual instruments cannot reach. Lasers also prevent us from having to widen the canal of the tooth, which causes overall weakness.

At Magical Smiles, we provide endodontic treatment using the TwinLight® laser. Using a dual wavelength, this form of treatment offers high success rates. It’s minimally invasive, faster, safer and more effective than a traditional root canal treatment.

The dual laser energy makes it possible for you to heal faster. Your procedure times are shorter, thanks to the heat from the laser. It cleans and disinfects the canal of the tooth, so you won’t need as many follow-ups as you would with traditional treatments. Our patients love having this option for their root canal treatments!

Keeping You Comfortable

Even though endodontic treatment is a routine procedure, it’s not uncommon for some people to feel hesitant about having it done. To help you relax, we offer sedation options on top of our gentle laser therapy. Choose from light happy gas, moderate oral conscious sedation, IV sedation or general anaesthesia.

The best part? Everything is completed in house. We won’t have to refer you out of the practice for your treatment since we have all of the resources available to treat each case onsite.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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