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Dental Implants

Every year, a lot of Australians suffer from tooth loss, for a variety of reasons that range from tooth decay, periodontal disease or even injury. At Magical Smiles, we know that the loss of a tooth is much more than a dental problem. It can have a bearing on your general health, and even self-confidence. A missing tooth can make people really self-conscious in social situations, and we feel that is completely avoidable.

For the longest time, the only options available for people with missing teeth were to live with it, or opt for bridges and dentures. But that was a long time back. Today, dental implants are becoming popular as standard treatment for missing teeth. Dental implants are one of the most natural looking alternatives to restore missing teeth. And advancements in prosthodontics over the years have made them stronger, better and a whole lot more affordable. Magical Smiles is one of the reputed dental clinics that offer implant dentistry in Melbourne.

So, what are dental implants?

A dental implant is essentially the replacement for the root of a missing tooth. These serve as the structural base for artificial teeth like dental crowns, bridges or dentures. Mostly made of medical grade titanium, this makes it easier for the dental implants to fuse with the bone in a way that is compatible with the body.

Dental implants can be useful for replacing a single tooth, as well as several teeth. And this isn’t merely a cosmetic procedure, as they also restore function and prevent other dental issues, like a weak bite, or jaw alignment issues that result when teeth adjacent / opposite to the missing tooth move out of alignment due to loss of support. Dental implants also help to maintain jawbone density, which can be compromised in the case of a missing tooth.

Are they suitable for all?

Dental implants are suitable for most people, not all. Our team will evaluate your suitability for the implant before going ahead with the procedure. We will look at multiple factors, like:
- Overall health condition, including age, other medical conditions and medications that are being taken
- Patient’s dental habits, like smoking, tooth grinding and so on
- The quality of the jawbone

Are there any risks?

As with any surgical procedure, dental implants do come with certain risks. In a few rare cases, there could be infections, fracture of the dental implant or damage to the surrounding area. And this is why it becomes all the more important to choose a qualified dentist for your treatment. Thankfully, dental implants have a 98% success rate, so you needn’t worry too much.

The Dental Implant Procedure

A lot of prep work and planning go into a dental implant procedure. It involves multi-specialty professionals working together:


A specialist dentist will first surgically assess and extract the tooth and place the dental implant. There could be mild soreness and swelling post-surgery, which can be easily taken care of with general pain relief medication and a cold compress. After the implant is placed, it will take some time to naturally bond with your jawbone. This process is called osseointegration. You might need to have follow-up visits with the dentist to monitor your progress. During this time, you will be provided with a temporary tooth replacement to retain your smile & mouth function.


A ceramist or dental lab will then fabricate the crown, bridge or dentures that will be placed above the implant. This will be made after a detailed model of your teeth & gums, and a colour & smile assessment to ensure that your new permanent teeth are as close to your natural teeth in terms of appearance.


The dentist will then place the implant crown after the implant has integrated with the jawbone.



Our clinic in Caroline Springs can be your one-stop destination for all requirements of implant dentistry. The entire process from your first consultation to getting your new permanent teeth can take from 3 – 6 months. We will give you a more accurate time frame at the time of your consultation.

Dental implants are a common procedure and are generally performed under local anaesthesia. Some patients who are anxious about dental procedures prefer to be under general anaesthesia. Most patients find it to be a comfortable procedure, with little to no discomfort, and are ready to get back to their regular daily routine the very next day.

Pre & Post treatment care

Pre-treatment care

Good dental health will contribute to the success of your treatment, and therefore we recommend that our patients follow a prescribed dental care routine for a few weeks before the treatment starts. We also urge patients to quit smoking, as that can hamper a come in the way of placing the implant and can add to the time you take to heal.

Apart from this, our team will do a detailed examination of your soft and hard tissues, to make sure that you have the required bone structure and gum thickness for a successful and effective implant.

Caring for your implant

Just as you care for your natural teeth, it is important to care for your implant. Because even though these are usually made of titanium and porcelain, there is a small chance of developing a condition called peri-implantitis, which is inflammation of the gum and bone surrounding the implant. This is similar to gum disease, and can mostly be prevented with a simple dental care routine – that involves brushing twice a day, daily flossing to keep food debris and plaque and regular checkups with our dental team.



So if you’re looking for a reliable clinic for implant dentistry in Melbourne, you can reach out to us at Magical Smiles to know what the best treatment options for you are. Apart from quality care, you will also enjoy a pleasant dental care experience in our hands. After all, you can count on us to preserve the magic and joy of your beautiful smile.

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