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Snap On Smile

Your smile is probably one of the things that people remember you by, and we know how the right smile can bring the world to you… which is why we at Magical Smiles go the extra mile to ensure that you can smile your most beautiful smile.

There are so many ways to design a smile, but if there’s one way that is effective, non-surgical, non-invasive and natural - it has got to be Snap-On Smile.

So what is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile is a custom tray-like tool, made of resin, that’s designed to fit over your teeth to give you an instant “smile lift”!

It looks just like natural teeth and is a safe and painless way to get a beautiful smile instantly. The best part – you can eat with it, drink with it and wear it all day.

How can this help?

Snap-On Smile is available for both upper and lower teeth, and can fix the embarrassment of stains, gaps, chips or missing teeth without surgery in an instant. It is commonly used for:

- Covering uneven or crooked teeth
- Cosmetic smile enhancement
- Closing spaces between gappy teeth
- Covering up stains and cracks on natural teeth
- Adjusting the tooth height for a fuller smile

It is also recommended for people for whom bridges and implants are not suitable, or for those who have old-style removable dentures.

Veneers 180o
Veneers 360o
Why Snap-On-Smile?

Snap-On Smile is an affordable, non-invasive and completely reversible cosmetic procedure that can give you a beautiful smile without the pain of any shots or drilling or chemical adhesives.

Snap-On Smile uses a proprietary formula of high tech dental resin, which lends it durability and strength. It’s extremely thin and snaps on over your natural teeth – making it very comfortable and convenient to wear all day.

Moreover, there is no complicated maintenance procedure involved – it’s very easy to care for, and you can snap it on or take it off anytime you want.

But what’s most important is that it gives many people the confidence and freedom to smile without hesitation. It’s almost like snapping on confidence to your life!

How can you go about it?

A Snap-On Smile takes only 2 painless visits to our clinic!

  1. When you visit us for the first time, we will assess your teeth and decide if Snap-On Smile will be good for you.
  2. You then pick the shade and style of smile you want.
  3. Once we decide whether you need one for your upper or lower teeth, we will take an impression/ scans of your teeth to create your custom smile.
  4. After about a month, we will call you over for a second visit where we will fit your very own Snap-On Smile over your teeth, and make any minor adjustments, if required.
For how long will your Snap-On Smile stay?

Snap-On Smiles are made out of high quality dental resin which are quite durable, and can last from anywhere between 2 to 5 years with proper care.

And you can smile easy for a year, as every new Snap-On Smile comes with a 12 month limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Come, try on Snap-On Smile and get a smile makeover without the pain of surgery. Reach out to us on 03 8358 2565 to book your appointment.

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