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Of all the dental issues that one can possibly face, loss of teeth is probably one of the most difficult to deal with – as apart from the actual limitations that it can cause, it also has a bearing on one’s social life and confidence, as missing teeth are conspicuous by their absence.

The scar of missing teeth can be felt deeply at many points – be it in one’s social circle, or when one can’t always indulge in all types of foods, or even the embarrassment of speech distortion due to teeth loss. Thankfully, the loss of teeth isn’t a lifelong sentence – it’s possible to get teeth replacement and live a regular life.

What are dentures?

Dentures are a great replacement option for missing teeth, and involve a custom-created dental prosthesis – that can replace loss of natural teeth with their surrounding tissues. Dentures not only fill in for missing teeth, but they look as good as natural teeth – and can come in fixed, removable, partial and complete variations. Our team at Magical Smiles will guide you on which one will be the most suitable for you, depending on the number and location of missing and existing teeth.

The different types of dentures

Complete Dentures

These are made after all the teeth have been removed, both in the upper and lower arches. The complete dentures will be fit just like your natural full set of teeth, and you will be able to do almost everything that you could have, with your natural teeth – in terms of eating, speaking and smiling with confidence. They can be fixed or removable.

Fixed full dentures are supported by multiple implants, which make dentures almost as comfortable as natural teeth. However, not everyone is a good candidate for fixed dentures, due to loss of bone structure. Removable full dentures are a good option to replace the lost bone structure with its metal flanges, and can provide sufficient support to the lips and cheeks.

Partial Dentures

In the event that some of your natural teeth still exist and only a few are lost, partial dentures are recommended. These are available in acrylic and chrome cobalt variants. Just like complete dentures, these are also available in fixed and removable.

Removable partial dentures are designed around a metal frame, over which artificial teeth are placed. This metal frame uses the support of existing natural teeth to stay securely in place when you speak, eat and smile.

Fixed partial dentures, as is obvious, cannot be removed without the help of a dentist. These are fixed in place with dental crowns, and are a lot more stable and convenient as compared to removable partial dentures.

Flexible Dentures

Flexidentures are another advanced option among partial dentures. These are made from a type of nylon, and are a lot thinner as compared to traditional partial dentures. The best part – they are flexible, tough and fracture resistant! Instead of a metal clasp, these have gum colored extensions that go around the gum lines of existing teeth – making them virtually invisible, and a lot more secure.

However, in spite of all these advantages, the downside is that they come expensive, and are also not suited for relining and repair at a later point.

Immediate Dentures

Because speed and time are the buzzwords of our generation, immediate dentures will ensure that you never have to remain without teeth for a single day. These dentures are made ahead of time, and can be fitted inside as soon as the teeth are extracted.

Immediate dentures can act as an aid that helps reduce bleeding and promotes healing, and also enable you to relearn your speech and eating habits sooner. Having said that, they can’t be compared to traditional dentures when it comes to fit, and will eventually need a permanent reline or be replaced with a new denture, as the measurements will change during the healing process.

Implant supported dentures

Some people might find it difficult to eat or speak properly with their denture, as they could be uncomfortable and unstable. Even two implants – in the upper or lower jaw - can dramatically improve the stability and function of removable dentures.

Over dentures supported by implants are a lot more reliable and stable, so you needn’t worry of any potentially embarrassing moments when you eat or speak.

Advantages of Dentures

A relatively inexpensive way to replace missing teeth

Dentures help support the face structure and improve appearance, just the way natural teeth would

They help fill in for missing teeth, so you can live your life with confidence

You will be able to start eating most foods again, with the help of dentures

They can last for as long as five to ten years

Are there any disadvantages?

As they are artificial teeth, dentures could move in the mouth when you try to eat or talk. It can take time to re-learn how to speak and chew so as to keep them in place.

Maintenance of Dentures

Just like natural teeth, dentures too require regular maintenance like regular brushing. Removable dentures will need additional care - they need to be stored in a glass of water before you go to bed, and need to be handled with care to prevent breakage.

All dentures eventually need to be replaced, due to shrinking of the bone structure below the denture. So every few years, the denture might need to be fitted with a new lining, and when relining is no longer possible, they will need to be replaced.

Is there an alternative to dentures?

Yes. Dental implants are a better alternative to dentures. Despite being more expensive, they would turn out to be a better alternative in the longer term, as they maintain the jaw bone over the years. Here are some of the other advantages implants offer over dentures:

- They are fixed, so they stay securely inside the mouth without the use of any dental adhesives
- No discomfort of acrylic in your mouth
- Creates a normal bite force, and allows you to eat everything that you could eat with your favorite foods
- No risk of embarrassment when your teeth come out

Implants are recommended for people with poor bone ridge conditions, sore gums that can’t support a denture as well as those with a hyperactive gag reflex.

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