Secrets to a Heart-Warming Smile


The first thing that comes to your notice when you meet a person is her smile. Statistics reveal that 90 percent of us feel that a smile is the most important aspect of one’s personality. A smile is not merely about appearance. A smile conveys professionalism and confidence too. A good smile is a key to success and happiness in both your professional and social lives. A good smile boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence. So what are you waiting for? Come explore the secrets to a truly heart-warming smile. Here’s how you could own a nice bright smile.

Brushing the Right Way

Brush, at least twice, using a soft bristled brush so that the protective enamel is not damaged. You must get a new toothbrush every three to four months. Frayed bristles are not effective in cleaning your teeth. It is best to use high-quality fluoridated toothpaste. Your dentist could recommend good toothpaste for you if you are not quite sure about choosing one.

Flossing Is a Must

Flossing is an integral part of your daily dental hygiene routine. It is effective in removing plaque from places that are impossible to be reached with the help of your toothbrush. Flossing once daily would be effective in reducing the risks of gum disease and cavities. You just need to master the flossing techniques with practice.

Some Tips for a Brilliant Smile

You must watch your dietary habits. You must have a healthy and balanced diet for maintaining a bright and healthy smile. Here are a few tips:

Restrict the consumption of aerated drinks. Carbonated beverages actually contain phosphoric acid that could lead to softening of your protective enamel causing tooth decay.

Acidic foods should be avoided. Acidic foods such as vinegar, tomatoes and fruits could also damage the enamel that shields your teeth.

Consume enough calcium to boost your teeth health and strength. Eat foods such as nuts, dairy products, cheese, milk, dark leafy greens etc. for fortifying your teeth against the ill-effects of acidic foods.

Avoid foods that stain your pearly whites. Do not consume too much coffee, tea, and soy sauce, marinara or red wine as they would be leaving behind a yellowish tint on your teeth.

Do not forget that your teeth are precious and are useful for chewing your food. Do not ever use your teeth as tools for undoing knots, opening bags etc. as then your teeth could get chipped and with time could be leading to undesired functional and cosmetic issues.

You must get a dental check-up regularly. Professional cleanings on a regular basis are the best way to promote excellent oral hygiene. So what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment at once with a reputed Keilor dentist for a complete dental check-up. If you have a dental issue get it checked right away before things get out of your hands. Some symptoms that necessitate immediate visit to a dentist are the following:

  • Puffy swollen gums
  • Frequent bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Sensitive teeth especially to cold and hot
  • A persistent mouth ulcer or a sore
  • A toothache

You could consider using any special toothpaste, trays, strips or in-office procedures for making your smile extra bright. You must consider an effective whitening option as suggested by your dentist for a brilliant smile that would win a million hearts.